2015 iZone VI

The 2016 2nd iZone VI Championships
hosted at:

  • Blue Rock Sportsman Club, North Little Rock, AR

  • Capitol Gun Club, Jackson, MS

  • Oklahoma City Gun Club, Arcadia, OK

  • Corpus Christi Rifle/Pistol Club, Corpus Christi, TX

  • Waco Skeet & Trap Club, Waco TX

For the second iZone VI Championship, the Zone’s goal was to see 200 total shooters. With a total of 227 in attendance, the Championship actually broke the total participation attendance record set back in 2002!  Specifically, the attendance was the highest all the way back through 1990, and a 20% increase in total shooters from the inaugural 2015 iZone VI Championships. This year’s success, after building on the 2015 iZone, leaves us eager for the 2017 iZone.

The “Telephonic/Telegraphic” format has been around for many years, and the iShoot format has expanded on the format with the expertise many shoot administrators have with Mike Valerio's Skeet Manager application. iShoot allows anyone with access to the internet to view scores in almost real-time from anywhere, not just the scoreboard at the gun club.

If you review the tables below you can see one of the trends we find most pleasing about the iZone format, which is that the format draws not only the AAA/AA shooters but invites more participation from the B, C, D and E class shooters. Just three to four years ago SJR and JR awards might go unclaimed or at best have one or two shooters. In 2016 there were 20 plus JR, Lady, and Veteran shooters in the HOA events and 5 or more SJ shooters. From past experience, such numbers would seldom be matched at a Zone VI shoot held at a single venue.

The 2016 Championships started off with 172 shooters taking to the field at 5 clubs to vie for the 2016 Doubles Championship. Jacob Young of Sterlington, LA shooting at Capitol Gun Club shot his first 100 straight, and the only 100, in the Doubles to claim the first Championship of the weekend. Four shooters posted 99s and after the shoot-offs were complete, Paul Newman (OK) and Joshua Guess (OK) claimed the Runner-Up and Third spots on the podium. Clay Baldwin (AR), Jason Foshea (TX), Bill Meyers (TX), Scott Rennick (OK), Jordan Slack (LA) claimed the AAA-D Class Championships.

Jacob Young 2016 Doubles Champion

Jacob Young 2016 Doubles Champion with 1st 100

Brad Goodart 2016 12 and 28 Gauge Champion

Brad Goodart 2016 12 and 28 Gauge Champion

Saturday dawned and 222 shooters set out to win the 12 Gauge Championship. Eleven (11) perfect scores were posted in the 12 Gauge. After the smoke cleared, Brad Goodart of Collinsville, OK shooting at OKC Gun Club claimed his first championship of the weekend. John Foshea (TX) and John Castillo (TX) both shooting at Waco Gun Club claimed the Runner-Up and Third positions. Don Snyder (TX), Jeff Sullivan (MS), Wayborn Bowling (MS), Bob Henderson (TX), Randy Walhood (TX), Charles Burge (TX), and Hannah Walthall (TX) were the AAA-E Class Champions. Scott Barton (TX) shot his first 100 straight in the 12 Gauge.

At the close of the 20 Gauge 217 Shooters posted fifteen (15) 100 straights. Van Boerner of San Antonio, TX shooting at Corpus Christi Pistol and Rifle Club was crowned the 20 Gauge Champion. Matt Tyrone (MS) and Chuck Burkardt (OK) claimed Runner-Up and Third. Chuck Burkardt also shot his first 100 straight in the 20 Gauge and finished the day 200 straight for the first time. Jim Butler (TX), Paul Newman (OK), Tommy Reedy (AR), Andrew Howze (LA), Hannah Walthall (TX), and Donna Flemming (OK) rounded out the AAA-D Class Championships. Michael Brown (MS) also shot his first 100 straight in the 20 Gauge.

Van Boerner 2016 20 Gauge Champion

Van Boerner 2016 20 Gauge Champion

Scott Barton 1st 100 12 Gauge

Scott Barton
1st 100 12 Gauge

Chuck Burkhardt 1st 100 20 Gauge

Chuck Burkhardt
1st 100 20 Gauge

Mike Brown 1st 100 20 Gauge

Mike Brown
1st 100 20 Gauge

TJ Bannon 1st 100 28 Gauge

TJ Bannon
1st 100 28 Gauge

On the final morning, the 28 Gauge Championship hosted 212 shooters who posted nine (9) perfect scores. Thomas Bannon of Broken Arrow, OK was one of the nine with his first 100 straight in the 28 Gauge. The first repeat championship of the weekend was claimed by Brad Goodart (OK), and Van Boerner (TX) was on his heels to repeat as Runner-Up. Clay Baldwin (AR) claimed the third step on the podium. Garrett Hackmaster (OK), Nathan Boyd (MS), Thomas Bannon (OK), Bill Dunkum (AR), Scott Parks (OK), and Harry Deng, a military shooter from LA, claimed the AAA-D class titles.

Clay Baldwin 2016 410 Bore and HOA Champion

Clay Baldwin 2016 410 Bore and HOA Champion

The 410 Bore had 204 competitors but none were able to turn in a perfect score. The returning 2015 HOA champion, Clay Baldwin of Cabot, AR shooting at Blue Rock Sportsman Club was able to pull out his first championship of the weekend. Matt Tyrone, also with a 99, claimed the second step on the podium. James Brooks (TX) claimed third in a three way shoot-off of 98s. Brandon Cade (TX), Paul Newman (OK), Adam Dreyer (OK), Arthur Colwell (TX), Rio Bonham (OK), and Dalton Roe (TX) finished out the AAA-D class championships.

The reigning 2015 HOA Champion, Clay Baldwin of Cabot, AR, was able to shoot through the thunderstorms at North Little Rock, AR to regain the 2016 HOA Championship crown with an unopposed 398. Brandon Cade (TX) claimed the HOA Runner-Up title over Matt Tyrone (MS) after a shoot-off of 397s. Jeff Sullivan (MS – 395), Brad Goodart (OK – 396), Mike Galloway (AR – 393), Bill Dunkum (AR – 390), Rio Bonham (OK – 384), Dalton Roe (TX – 377), and Barry Thornton (TX – 322) were the AAA-E Class HOA Champions.

The goal of the Zone VI Executive Committee has always been to make our Championships as affordable and accessible to the entire Zone VI membership as possible. The iZone format has made that a reality, dragging a dying Championship back into a record breaking status in the second year. But none of this would have been possible without our host clubs:

And we very much want to thank the 227 competitors who have brought the Zone VI Championships from the brink of extinction to record breaking status in only the second year of the iZone.

Finally, the Zone VI Executive Committee would like to thank the primary Shoot Administration team members who put in the long hours before, during and after the events:

I can hardly wait to post a new record in the books in 2017!

Good Shooting,

Clark Hartness
Zone VI President

All 2016 results are posted at: Scores.ZoneVI.Org